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Alana McGee

Happy Halloween! I think our today in our field was a real treat!

We returned to our current “same old familiar place,” and Bruce buried six blind hides. Two at 2″, two at 4″ and two at 6″. TIppet found all six hides. I asked for location on the last two, so I could better guide the dog. We had been hunting for over 20 minutes, and that is a long time for a green dog, I think, so asked for help. I think the video shows he really had to dig for a few, so depth was not a problem for him. He drank a ton of water after this was over – I have been told that Goldens and PWDs are the thirstiest of all breeds.

Temp was 56 degrees, no wind, heavy rain last night, 86% humidity. We doubled the area of the same land we used in several previous videos. This was about 150ft x 80ft. I don’t think I will take on any more area on a truffle hunt without walking to a new one. And I expect most of the truffles we hunt and find will be pretty much at the depths we used today.

Hides #4 (blind), and #5 (I asked where it was) did not make it into the video. One of these was very close to one he had found earlier. He picked up the first 4 hides in about 15 minutes. This was about as close to the “real deal” as we will get before the “real real deal.” At one point, I felt he was starting to flag and I called him to me, rewarded and rubbed him to let him know he was doing well, and I was pleased with how he was working.

We had some challenges, but not the dog. I believe TIppet did a great job today. Some camera challenges, it is hard to see what you are videoing on the small screen of a small pocket camera.

When he is on a find, I get too much in his space. It is good for me to see it on the video so I can keep reminding myself to back off.