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Alana McGee

Your plan of attack is very well formulated and well thought out Sandra. Nicely done.

This is a great area to practice, and nice approach and entry into the ?hunting grounds? with priming before you go in.

First Hide is awesome!

What?s interesting is after you stood up fully after rewarding Tippet didn?t even finish waiting to hear you say the truffle cue before going right back into searching mode! Interesting how that is evolving!

Very nice job redirecting him to an area you would like him to search. He is very responsive to that.

He?s working the larger area really well and has awesome focus. He was even trotting a little more today, and you can see him doing a couple of those loping movements when he is quickly trying to cover more ground. He likely will continue to do that occasionally in larger open areas when he is scanning for a scent column, as opposed to precision work of denser areas. Just super interesting to watch him evolve his style 🙂

1:54 We LOVE how he stays with it at source and is very committed. He even kicked it out behind him and relocated it without a cue to do so. Well done Tippet! That was a fabulous find.

The kitty truffle find is great too. That?s a massive distraction for him, but he is not really phased at all.

The last find is awesome too.

This is really great Sandra- it was an awesome video, and Tippet (&You) did great. Good job on your rewards and keeping the party up. He was super on task, didn?t seem distracted by anything. Moved well in the space, didn?t really seem to have any complications or difficulty with depth or the size of the environment at all. You trusted him 100%, he stayed at source. Pretty darn text book perfect execution.

Well done you guys. This was a great one for confidence building!

If you practice in this space again before moving to burying in new places- we want you to try what we recommended to Rachel a few videos ago, which is tell Bruce to put a couple of the targets actually in close proximity. We don?t think it will be an issue at all for Tippet, but let?s see how he starts to handle multiple targets close together.

Superbly well done!