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Alana McGee

I deliberately deleted a video done yesterday and replaced it with this one, done today. There were no comments on yesterday’s, so hopefully this replacement will be in place before anyone saw yesterday’s (which went well, by the way)

Moving cautiously, I want to see his confidence at full volume before we get too much further along. These were four semi-blind hides. Area is roughly 80x80sq ft. We divided it roughly into quadrants, two in the grass, two in tree duff. Hides are about 1-2″ in the soil below the grass, and 3 and 4 inches in the redwood duff beneath two Sequoias. I know there is a hide somewhere in each quadrant, but not exactly where.

Day is low 60s, rained last night, ground is very wet, no wind, very light fog in the area.

This video is the entire sequence. Bruce’s camera automatically shuts off after a certain number of seconds and he restarts immediately. Any visible break is about 5 seconds while he restarts the video.

To my untrained eye, he understands the task, keeps his nose working, picks up scent and gets to source pretty quickly. Unknown to us, there was a kitty truffle within a foot of a real truffle. Tippet stops for a snack, but gets the true truffle, too. He was a happy hunter!