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Alana McGee

The area looks good Sandra. You could even go deeper in it. EZ PZ for Tippet. Fun to watch. Good work on line, and it doesn?t seem to bother him really. Really nice at coming in on reward.

0:49 is perfect. You re cue, he?s looking at you for cookies, and then you slightly orient your body in a new direction where you set your intention and away he goes. To other students: this is a really nice example of communication and how relatively subtle body posture can change and influence canine behavior and direction!

The second hide is great 🙂

I LOVE the sequence at 1:20 ish. He pauses to smell deeper on something and you approach (because it?s a blind hide) but he looks at you and is like, nope! and you TRUST him. Really really nice on both your parts.

2:01 made me laugh out loud with how he picked it up 🙂

It really looks fabulous Sandra, we don?t have many constructive comments, it?s pretty fantastic as is! Love watching Tippet and you work together. He looks cool and calm and collected, and you could start to go deeper as well and try that. Keep doing things that build confidence too, but we don?t think the deeper hides will too much of an issue! And he already covers a pretty big area. It just looks pretty darn good!!

Way to go. Keep it up.

When you get the Pecan truffles and the Oregon blacks and start working with them, remember to imprint and run a few hides at slightly easier levels to make sure he is making the associations and build confidence on those hides, but we think it will be a pretty quick transfer for you & tippet.

Looks fabulous. Nicely done!