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Alana McGee


We will do at least one more at the lightly buried level, if that is okay. The sticks are pointing directly at the buried “truffle,” on the north side and 10-12 inches away from the target. We probably will need two marker sticks on each side, eventually. I could not see the buried spot, just looked for the stick. I am not ready for blind hides! Otherwise, I can’t set him up for success.

Yes, I will encourage him to dig a bit, and help with the process. Somehow, it seems more a team thing.

Now that I have your feedback, I have a better feel for what I should/should not be doing while he is working.

I won’t enlarge the area yet, perhaps use another similar section of the same area, then move to the whole area – all at the 1″ depth. Or should I use the same area and bury deeper?

It will be Monday before we go out again. Tomorrow is Football day. My one vice that does not include Tippet