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Alana McGee

A little hesitant is expected when hides start going underground, that is not uncommon. That is why we narrow the search parameters in some way to make it easier- so we can build confidence and set up a successful scenario.

When hides are underground there is a lot more going on with how scent moves through the soil and where it comes out. Lightly buried is one thing but as you increase depth the odor shifts around a bit.

I believe you have said to us previously that you hope Tippet will actually bring the truffle to you. Is this an accurate assessment? If so, everything is great! if not, we have a couple of things to recommend.

Your Video:

For you guys
(and this sin?t for every student) I really like your start 🙂

It?s a big area he?s searching! Way to go!

Great job positioning your body to face the direction of the search area you desire.

You did a very nice thing with the first one. You realized his lack of confidence and oriented yourself to bring him back to it. It?s okay to help a bit when transitioning through some of these larger stages. We build to confident alerts. In the future (for the next few training scenarios- not for forever) if you KNOW there is a target there and you read him like that, try to help a wee bit sooner. If you can keep him at the source without diverging, the reinforcement will be stronger.

We aren?t worried with you accidentally pointing out the target to Tippet, what we want is confidence building in Tippet knowing he has found the correct criteria for reinforcement.

When he does dig (assuming you want that) you could even provide more verbal affirmative feedback to him.

You do a GREAT job on feedback to him during the second alert sequence.

We love your marker isn?t right on target. That is great. Gives you a general idea, but you have to trust him!

FANTASTIC job rewarding for that one 🙂 His tail 🙂

The sequence at 3:18 is good! We like that he is checking out the odor saturated area again, we do, and we really like, how you give him a minute and then cue him off it. This is one of those things that we have to teach through experience in these scenarios is residual odor of a previous find, if there is not a strong source, doesn?t get a second reward.

The 3rd one looks good! I love the end bouncing as well 🙂 VERY well done sanrda.