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Alana McGee

We did a three blind hides today. We used the entire area where we were the last two times… probably 80-90′ x 35-40′. He started by going more or less directly to the portion we used the other day, sneaking into the woods for a kitty truffle (who really thinks cats hide it to cover the odor!!!?) Then he got down to work and found the other two hides. A quick break to shred a piece of wood and finished. Without the interruptions, about 3 minutes. He is not fast but he doesn’t poke along either.

Just before the last find, he stopped and looked at me and I asked, “Did you find it?” And he went back to work. Just before the odor hit his nose, he glanced at me again, very quickly and hit the column. I was very pleased, and I think we got lucky with him starting to lose confidence and suddenly hitting the scent column.

Am not including video.
Looking forward to the next assignment. Hope you both had a great weekend…and all of my classy mates, too.