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Alana McGee

Aaw shucks. Thanks very much! I think he is fabulous. There is something about nosework and truffle hunting and tracking where you need the dog’s unique ability that deeply builds respect and partnership.

I need to point out that we used 1/3 of a particular land footprint for our video. During the 12 minutes, he ranged over the entire land area, searching nicely for several minutes, but I cut that out of the video. Would you like to see that? Still, when I called Tippet back, he understood I wanted him to restrict himself to the area near me and stayed within 15 feet of me after that. I was very pleased with that. Today or tomorrow, we will go back to the same area, use more of the land footprint and four or five blind hides before next assignment, but won’t send video unless there is a problem. I think he has this assignment down pat.

I asked a question in the homework forum, but did not get an answer, so will ask it here. How many minutes/hours a day; and how many days a week do your seasoned dogs work?