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Alana McGee

October 8. Temp around 60 degrees, slight overcast, very little wind. Location is corner of a church yard that we use for training, and I feel he is safe working off lead, a small copse of redwoods is just visible beyond the area.

There were 5 blind hides. All hides are just under some twigs or duff and were not visible to me or Tippet. Total time was about 12 minutes. I cut out most of the searches to shorten the video, but left in enough to show how he searches and how I would likely follow him in a forest. Two search portions show the classic way a dog finds the scent column and hunts it to source. On the 5th hide, Tippet began to look at me and indicate he was not sure anymore. After about 4 minutes of searching, I planted the hide.

Video is just over 3 minutes. Is there anything you would like not to see so that we can shorten it further?

I am very pleased with my little guy. He is a dedicated and fun partner. The redwood copse holds lots of kitty truffles and other disgusting treats, but he stayed right with me the whole time.