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Alana McGee

Thanks much! We will practice on grassy-ish areas. Won’t send another video this week, but will continue with this plan:
1. Grass areas, but some have pine needles mixed in.
2. Long line, not off leash
3. Small scent vials, including new odors if package with black and NW oils arrives. I will introduce new odors in the apartment, moving them to scent vials when he appears strong on scents
4. Increase the area in which I place the hides
5. Increase the hides (we got to 8 inside the cabin last week). I will go to 8, max, and doubt he will show anything but eagerness

1. I have started to have him jump up on my chest as a signal to end the exercise (truffle, track, NW, rally, obedience). He seems to get the message and we both enjoy it. OK?
2. THANKS BIG TIME for the tip on packing a secret hide to guarantee success
3. Had not thought about the re-cue after a hide. Hmmm. I think I will stick with it rather than change. I didn’t perceive you felt it was a bad thing as long as I know T & I are on the “same paw print.” And I think it is probably wise for us…in the woods it will give me a chance to scan the area before I set him off again. And he gets to be part of the celebration. I am slow and lumbering, and he is very patient. I could not keep up with him if he were running off to next hide!