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Alana McGee

Hi Sandra

You do a great job on the praise and rewards. I don?t think it is over the top at all. IT is right on the money so to speak 🙂 Tippet responds to it, and THAT is what is important!

After the first find you do an excellent job of reorienting yourself to the side and behind Tippet allowing him to lead the way. THAT really is excellent. At the 0:39 really love watching him flop down and then be persistent on it. Really good. And at the 0:44 when he nose bumps it again after a reward at source. That tail put a BIG smile on my face 🙂

He also goes nicely back into the game when you give the cue. Just something to note. He breaks after the reward sequence and doesn?t appear to re-engage until you cue him to. So just remember that. That may not be the case always, but keep it in mind, he does this multiple times throughout the video. So you?ll want to cue him, as you have been doing, after every successful find in order to re-engage him.

At 1:16 GREAT job and GREAT JOB TIPPET for the pushy nose touches. Seeking rewards. I like it! Nicely done on the dropping it, he doesn?t miss a beat on that.

The second part of the video looks great! He?s not really showing any signs of stress or that this is all that difficult. I would keep practicing like this, and start to enlarge your search area. Don?t go HUGE all at once here, but Tippet seems to be handling the searches really well. MAKE SURE when you do this to have a target on you as well in case you need to manufacture a success if Tippet is struggling. Remember, it is TOTALLY ok to provide him a freebee truffle find when working in more complicated/larger areas. The goal is to build confidence, and frustrated dogs are not what we want! His confidence will grow with more successful reward histories in these environments.

As for speed in locating. I wouldn?t dwell on it too much. You?re both doing great. As his confidence in situations grows he likely will pick up speed (subject to environmental factors of course as well), but speed is not necessary. Some dogs are extremely zippy in the field, like Kristin?s Callie, and some are very slow and methodical. There is no right or wrong way at all, they are just different working styles and there are different training techniques you may use with one style over another.

In the video from FE510 there was one where he was tearing about pretty quick! My guess is though he will not be one of the dogs that is bouncing off the walls tearing around the forest, and that is perfectly ok! Frankly, I can say from personal experience, it is slightly easier to keep up with the non zippy type!

Great line handling skills Sandra. Really nice lack of pressure.

You guys look great, and like you?re having fun!