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Alana McGee

I will keep an eye out for the head shake. Nice observation, I completely missed it.

We went to the tracking workshop this weekend. I did hides in tall grass in a new location using the same location for both days figuring he needs to learn to eliminate previous experiences and old scent. The 2nd day I expanded the area.

Both days I let him find all the hides because we had nothing better to do and plenty of daylight. He was crated most of the day and I decided it might be a lot like truffle hunting. It was nice, I was relaxed with the thought of “dude, we can meander around this field looking for truffles or we can sit around at the motel.” It was a beautiful day too!

At the motel, I got out the clicker and we worked on precision. His paw target is dominant over nose target. He thoroughly enjoyed the game and once again we had nothing better to do.

No video and I will make this our last post. I need to regroup/re-read lectures etc. I’ve yet to watch all of Lecture 6.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to class starting on December 1st. It will be nice to have 3 weeks to settle into buried hides and begin to work on precision. The precision is going to take time with Speed.

Oodles of thanks and appreciation for another fantastic class!!! Speed is so happy to be a focal point too!