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Alana McGee

Alana and Kristin, you need to be nominated for Best Instructors of the Year! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate your feedback. You’re not rude at all. I almost pulled Monza’s video but decided the whole scenario was so ridiculous that it was worth reviewing, because crazy things happen in the real world.

I’m quite thrilled at how Speed’s enthusiasm has escalated as we move outdoors. You’re right, the precision will come and the clicker will help him focus.

In some ways the timing of these scenarios was perfect. Last night in reflection, I reminded myself that we did [i]12+ weeks [/i]of foundation work using truffle oil in Lucy’s Noseworks classes starting indoors and doing some basic outdoor searches. Then we did 6 weeks of foundation in this series with real truffles.

It’s made both dogs more resilient, and it’s a plus to not have to fabricate distractions. If these distractions had happened in our earlier weeks of foundation, it may have resulted in having to backup in our training. We’re able to hold steady because of the foundation work.