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Alana McGee

Read Monza’s post first.

Speed goes after Monza. Same area. This is after he goes through the cat door…He’s a very sensitive, loves to be correct.

I set out tins as well as truffles wrapped in cloth. I used some camouflage cord as markers. Won’t use that again, wayyy to hard for me to find.

What surfaces quickly in this session is his lack of precision. He starts throwing some behaviors like downs when I squat down. He gets a little crazy.

It takes him a little bit to settle in and I was okay with that after all the chaos earlier. I didn’t prime him because he bounded to the area and it was apparent he understood the task.

At 00:58 he starts to scratch around a little, and he is then on a hide, I think, and I ask to re-alert but he doesn’t commit so I think maybe I’m mistaken. I can’t tell from video if one of my camo-cords is sticking out. I’m guessing it was since I was asking him to persist in that location.

At 1:50 still no finds, so I ask him to walk with me and he stumbles onto a cloth hide and uncovers it. I ask him to show me, he’s not accurate at 1st, pawing a rock, and finally I wait for the nose touch to source and not the rock….I played a basic game of Source It and SOooo wish I had a clicker with me to mark the nose touch, my verbal marker isn’t precise enough and I even mark early on one. I think it helped to settle him and get a lot of reinforcement after a lot of time without reinforcement.

I say I’m ending the session. but when I get out in the grass, What do I do? I play the Source It game and keep saying “touch”….why? I do finally keep quiet knowing I need to regroup…..The snow globe brain was obviously still shaken.

I look forward to your critique on his precision issue. My thoughts are to go somewhere new when I don’t have a snow-globe brain and do some simple Source it games with a clicker as our primer entering an area. Use the clicker to get the nose touch to be more pronounced and reduce/eliminate the paw touch, kicking, bowing, downing behaviors.

Thanks Alana and Kristin. You’ve got your hands full with me this weekend…… I just remind myself that I learn the most from days like these.