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Alana McGee

[b]Assignment[/b]: lightly covered hides, outside.
[b]Location[/b]: front yard
[b]Hides[/b]: 4 hides. One covered with leaves and 3 slightly buried: 1 under thin layer of grass. 2nd in clay/gravel dirt at edge of grass. 3rd in mulch at edge of grass
[b]Run Order[/b]: Speed 1st.
[b]Conditions[/b]: mid 60s, dry and sunny. Light breeze
[b]Aging[/b]: 20-25 minutes

I didn?t want my husband to see me digging up the front yard so I snuck one dig in the grass, and placed 2 hides on the edge of the grass in dirt or mulch. I?d like feedback on these since these were in dirt or mulch and not grass, I decided to add some verbal encouragement/movement to help keep the rate of reinforcement high.

I almost manufacture a hide at 1:58, but he turns around and we?re luckily close to the hide in dirt.
He deals with distractions well including briefly stopping when he hears a neighbor dog barking whom he is not found of. AND The Truffle CAT appears! I decided to leave the video unedited in honor of our 14-year old cat, Velo. Speed learned to never stare at Velo because Velo told him that if he did, he would turn Speed into stone. Speed is a believer.

We?ll go to some new locations this weekend that we used in NoseWorks class and do grass hides and continue to work buried hides at home.

Thanks Alana and Kristin!