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Alana McGee

[quote] I basically peeled back the mossy/grass layer and lightly… [/quote]
That?s fine- it?s all about progression- good to know what depth though you are working at in these. It is a good log for yourself too.

Many dogs have an active alert of a scratch in the soil. We have taught them to try to get AT the odor after all. different dogs have different styles of this from a light tap to a roto-tilling effect and you employ different tools for each method. Speed?s method and alert chain looks fabulous though. And yes, we do cover trailing later- that?s when the dog kicks or dislodges the truffle and it migrates somewhere not the original site of the find.

The first buried hide looks awesome Lois. From both of you. I really don?t have any comments/ critique, except nicely done. You give nice space, are relaxed, show up at the target site promptly with excitement, Speed is excited, it?s really pretty perfect.

Just for you own info, watch at about 0:40 and notice his movements when he is trying to pinpoint the source. Really nice- just interesting for you note and watch as an example for later reference for yourself.

I love your party with him and your movement. He mimics that. Love it. makes me 🙂

If you look at about the 0:20 mark you also can see that he actually seems to get on odor of the second buried hide.

This is why it is interesting when you start doing multiple hides (which mimics real environments) as there are multiple odor columns swirling around. I would make a guess that he actually would have found that target first had he not been pulled back to you by your body posture. Not a big deal in any way! just interesting to watch him work on multiple sources. He does awesome- as do you- but I think yes, your body posture when you are down did seem to influence him here. You notice it though and adjust yourself.

Overall, excellent. Pretty textbook perfect search. well executed, good timing, he?s having fun, good verbal communication etc. It looks great Lois! Keep at it and keep progressing in depth and numbers of hides/ hides buried.

Good amount of time for them to be aged as well. Nice!!