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Alana McGee

[b]Assignment[/b]: lightly covered hides, outside.
[b]Location[/b]: enchanted meadow
[b]Hides[/b]: 4 hides, 2 slightly buried.
[b]Run Order[/b]: Speed 1st. Monza tracked and didn?t do this exercise.
[b]Conditions[/b]: mid to upper 50s, dry (for a change)
[b]Aging[/b]: 60+ minutes

In a previous post, Kristin has asked that I try remaining squatted down after rewarding at a hide to see if Speed will continue working without me moving. He does not. His reaction is “HEH! You’re in treat delivery position, I think I’ll bow/lie down and look handsome.” I started varying my position/movement and I think we can work through this.

He finds the surface/leaf covered hides 1st (I edited out the 1st hide). He does a great job with the 2 lightly buried hides. I did not bury 1-inch deep. I estimated ? to ? inch. I basically peeled back the mossy/grass layer and lightly laid the earth on top. He?s so funny. He paws them right out and you can?t see it but he does the paw slap on the box on the 2nd hide. Somewhere on another post I think Alana mentions that the next class addresses things like when they scratch up a truffle. Speed did this with the lightly buried hides.

He got a jackpot of raw liver in the end and we played toss and catch with treats.

Thanks Kristin and Alana, your feedback is so very helpful and your compliments are motivating us to do our best.