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Alana McGee

That Tail! Love it.

[quote] I need to think more about how I’d actually react. [/quote] This is really good Lois and I am glad you are doing so. Truffles will be found in odd places sometimes. I have found one inside of a log believe it or not, and was hesitant to let Duff get at it, but lo and behold? Trust.

On orchards this will be less of an issue for you (and has a different added dynamic if you have an orchard owner peering over your shoulder saying, well, those are only 2 year old trees, that?s not possible!), but trust, and go with it! Speed knows 🙂


It is fine to re-cue him, but you are right, if he appears to be back in the game, there is no need. Some dogs are very very literal with this, and won?t go back to working unless cued to do so.

The playing/ tug etc is a great finishing, all done maneuver, yes, AND a great way to move out of a space and back to your car.