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Alana McGee

Over break we truly took a break until this Sunday when we did 3 hides without boxes in a familiar room and then in a new room a couple as a refresher.

Here is Speed’s 1st outdoor box hide with summer truffles. I did 2 basic outdoor box hides today. First with him on leash and then off leash. At first he was visual and thought he might just interact with boxes but comes around to the game quickly. He will be interesting to continue to shape his alert. He has a strong paw touch on the box as you will see.

Interesting that he checks out gravel area on right in 2nd session, which is an area Monza visited in her 1st session. I think he’s checking out where she went.

Unfortunately my treat pouch was in the wash so my treat bag is a bit of an unintended distraction although he continued to focus. Overall he did well for the 1st outdoor hide of the season.

My plan for the week is to do 2 days of multiple indoor hides and 1 more day like today using the other 2 outdoor areas with boxes. I will reattach photos in a separate post.

That will be 4 days/week working and will give Speed days off. Then I can see if he has any issues with endurance indoors versus distractions outdoors. How does the plan for the week sound?