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Alana McGee

Hi this is Lois & Speed from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Speed is Monza’s 8-year old ‘brother’. I adopted him at 7 months and he looks a lot like a PWD, the shelter guessed he was a poodle/schnauzer so we called him a Poozer. He and I competed in USDAA agility to Masters level until it got to be less fun for both of us. He really loves walking in the woods with me more than anything.

Speed shadowed Monza in a few NoseWorks using cheap-ol’, synthetic truffle oil from the grocery store. He worked on Summer Truffles through Truffle 101 and passed the prerequisites using the same. I decided to sign him up for Gold in this course because he’s really enjoying the games and he’s just different enough from Monza that I think I can learn even more. I also do tracking with Monza and need to balance her ‘work load’ this winter. I can see Speed possibly being ready for the field before Monza.

Speed is thrilled that his videos will finally be seen by Kristin and Alana.