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Alana McGee

You?re very sweet Lois. It?s always nice to hear 🙂

We love having you in class!

As for the confusion with tracking etc- that is totally possible. It would take many more repetitions for this all to get confused I think though, but it is totally possible it gave her a moment of, huh? There was a lot going that day and you guys did fantastic, especially considering everything! It?s impressive to watch. And you handled the situation really really well. I am super glad you did decide to post this video as opposed to pulling it. It is an incredible learning moment and I am sure will be invaluable to other teams who look at this as well.

And about the Lagotto- Yes it is a more common breed trait I have found that is not as much talked about except by those of us who do competitive sports with them, or other professional work, such as therapy (or extensive history with breed). They can be very confident and extremely sensitive at the same time. I have found they are much more sensitive than most give them credit for, or than is widely discussed.