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Alana McGee

[quote=”Alana McGee” post=77527]If we don?t find truffles, if we don?t make that order, oh well. That?s not what’s important and the world will keep spinning![/quote]

Reading this my eyes widened/forehead raised. Never thought about the pressure some teams may feel about ‘making an order’. Egads! But who cares, it’s just a bunch of hungry, helpless foodies without truffle dogs..mwahaha!

As you know having Lagottos, they can be SO confident and yet SO sensitive. I was thrilled with Monza staying at source when Speed arrived. When we returned and she picked up where she left off, I was melting with pride resulting in the “whew” (which I didn’t think was that audible). Again, like I said in my last post with Speed, it’s a testament to the foundation work.

[quote=”Alana McGee” post=77527]At 1:49 it very much looks like she?s eating chicken, not an alert, so I wouldn?t be concerned by that. What happens after that does look like she has disengaged a bit- hence her not staying at the hide by your foot (right after you present a target)- which is very atypical for Monza. She seems stressed by the situation, and it is a confluence of factors to be sure.[/quote]

I agree and here are my thoughts. In foundation work for tracking there is a lot of food on the ground or on targets. I’m wondering if some chicken on the ground may have caused a little confusion. Having food directly on the ground on a track (normally we use food on targets) developed a HUGE drive in Monza’s focus/confidence tracking. So did the combination of Lois’s scent and a little chicken confuse her about what game we’re playing…I don’t know. I would think it would take more food drops to result in confusion but I find Lagottos to be very thoughtful so who knows.

[b][i]Many Thanks [/i][/b]again for reviewing these crazy sessions. I am so pleased and impressed with the quality of your feedback. And that’s an understatement as to how pleased I am with your classes! 🙂