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Alana McGee

That looked really great Lois

As for a drag line- that is just fine. It depends on what you are comfortable with as a team. It doesn?t seem to bother Monza at all as a form of stimulus. Just keep that in the back of your head, and watch for signs that the dragging line is effecting her performance in some way- can be a simple stimulus reaction of being pulled off odor because the line is dragging by her foot for example.

Monza did FABULOUS staying at source while you were ?digging out tools.? very nicely done. I like that she is actually checking the surrounding area to her left at 0:45 like it has been kicked out.

Overall this look really really good Lois. It?s right on track. We think you could start to expand the area even more and add more hides- but just as you have been doing, if you feel like it?s a good stopping point, end the session to keep the rate of reward high.

How deep are these buried? They look at about 1 inch? Monza doesn?t seem to have a trouble exposing source, so it would be nice to start to increase the depth. The other thing would be to keep the area the size shown in this video if you do start to increase depth.

Monza looked great checking out the whole area and was working really well. Right on track!

What we?d like to see you start transitioning to are new areas if you?re comfortable being there, and graduating to surface and buried hides in those area.

Whistling her over to try and get her focus on an area where you know a hide is buried is ok, you are encouraging a certain area, and it is nice you don’t force it but simply encourage. We can tell where your body is facing as to not block access to the hide by your body angle in the camera footage.

No comments really to change anything you are doing. It looks fabulous and your delay in rewarding with the cookies and Monza staying at source is superb.

I would note in your first reward sequence that the reward sequence is shorter than you normally do- but you also did a nice job of delaying the initial cookie until after a re-alert. THAT was fab.

Well done!