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Alana McGee

I’m glad I shared that video. I almost didn’t post since it wasn’t relevant to the week’s homework. It all worked out.

Here is Monza’s 1st buried hide in the front yard…and…of course, the landscaper dude shows up after Monza finds the 1st hide in the grass! She’s a magnet for unplanned disruptions.

I had to end the session but kept Monza engaged doing simple tricks while I chatted about the Monkey Grass Massacre that’s about to take place…..our yard was over-landscaped with monkey grass and we’re replacing with native plants. A 10-year ordeal….

The little missy gets back to work and finds all 5 hides. I almost quit after she found the buried hide in the mulch, and my verbal “I’m so proud of you” kinda indicates the game has ended; however, when I say ‘find more” she is perfectly happy to continue working. She works nicely on harness with the long line even when it gets wrapped around a bush. The only restriction I had on the line was not getting wrapped around the hemlock. I almost manufactured a hide after the find in the mulch, but she finds the last one in the grass.

She was very engaged and earnest to work. I did not feel like I restricted her with the line and she stayed in the area. I think this is largely due to us facing the house, and having a sidewalk on one side which probably kept the scent localized.

I was still impressed that she didn’t wander toward the neighbor house/kitty truffle area!

I’m undecided about what’s more important? Slightly buried hides? Or new locations? And we’re priming on pecan truffles inside. I’m thinking slightly buried hides are what we should continue with at home. Followed by pecan truffle priming. I want to build confidence at home with 2 changes before moving on to new locations.

We have another section of the yard that is all mulch/plants, but it’s next to the water feature which Monza loves to play in. If she gets a good walk in and then plays in the water for a bit, I think she’ll work. It would truly be an experiment. This would be a step toward new locations yet still at home, but the water feature is a huge distraction. It’s a quandary for me….