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Alana McGee

Miss Monza was busy tracking this weekend so she did not participate in the new location search. I had hoped to do 1 session with her but opted to get her working on the pecan truffles.

This video is from Thursday, I set up 5 hides in the enchanted meadow. 4 were lightly buried.

I held onto this video assuming we would do searches in new locations that would relate better to this week’s homework.

I can’t hold this one back now. I was out with Monza and suddenly Speed shows up…

Short story is all I can figure out is after 8 years, he went through the small pet door that is for the cat. No doors were open, he was sitting with my husband when I exited the house. Husband did not let him out. It would be tight, but Speed could fit through it…I used it once when I locked myself out of the house.

I NEVER let the dogs see the cat come through the door. They only access this room with me and if they sniff near the door, I just close it off.

Once this summer and then in September, the dogs boarded and I put them in ‘luxury’ for more space and other perks including a large doggie door to a nice outside area. They do not use a doggie door at home.

Monza and I exited through the basement sliding glass door where the pet door is located. I can only guess Speed followed our trail and at the sliding glass door crawled out the pet door. I have not let Speed in that room since Thursday and will close it next time we use that room. I want him to think he merely conquered quantum mechanics. Once. (fingers crossed)….

When Speed showed up, I’m waiting for my husband to be following. When the husband doesn’t show up, I assume I left the basement door open (I did not…). I was not willing to stop everything and deflate both dogs. So I thought “well, it’s just a game, let’s see how this goes…..” Monza found 1 before Speed showed up, but his appearance brought out ‘sibling rivalry’. Monza was exploring a bit before Speed’s appearance but then she is ON task. To try and keep it Monza’s hunt, at one point I toss a treat to the side for Speed, but he was all about hunting too and wasn’t going to be left out.

When Monza is pushy/competitive, I always tell her I can tell she came from a litter of 9.

In the end, they’re both very cute and sweet, practically doing synchronized nose touches. I took it as a lesson of “don’t panic, flow with it.” If things got too crazy I would have just had a party and headed back to the house. I still can’t believe Speed went out the pet door, but my husband wouldn’t lie. It’s just weird.

It tickles me watching them search on their own, but when one realized the other found something, both show up for the party. It was a little chaotic, but it worked out just fine.

I really wanted to be more verbal and ask “[i]what are you doing here????[/i]” but I did my best to not blather and let them work.