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Alana McGee

Sounds good. She does a nice job off leash. We just want to make sure you have an “on-lead” option for that occasional situation that you need it. Your analysis is important and there is a lot of value in what you have observed to work best for Monza so if lead attached to your collar is best for her, don’t let us tell you otherwise 😉

Between all of our dogs, we have a variety of ways the dogs work so it really is a personal decision and you get to decide!

Lolo is probably the one that most consistently switches between being on lead, off lead or dragging a line. She works with a harness on even if there is no lead.

Cash is rarely on leash but always wears his everyday harness. His cue is the location and my gear.

Callie is almost always off leash during a hunt. She knows what we are doing as soon as I put her jacket and harness on.

Da Vinci has a specific harness…which is actually the same as his everyday harness but he knows the difference between everyday/ agility and truffle hunting. He drags a line.

Duff hunts off leash mostly but wears a harness.

In your case, it can even be a different collar. Sky is the limit!