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Alana McGee

Monza and her equipment. Monza has worn her Perfect Fit harness in a few truffle training sessions mainly because we’ve just returned from a walk and I haven’t bothered to remove it. I don’t want it to be her equipment because it’s got fleece sections and holds water. I use RuffWear bungee waist leash when walking her in the neighborhood on harness so it’s a different feel from tracking.

She wears a different harness for tracking.

So, the tomboy princess needs a new outfit for truffle hunting. She’s vetoed always wearing the Missile suit. I need to look at the RuffWear jackets. She’s so used to being out in the woods in all conditions I don’t think she needs it for comfort/protection, but it could definitely be a cue for truffle hunting. I’d like to then be able to remove it in the woods and say “free dog” and let her go play.

I had thought about putting a bell on her, but it would make me crazy.

I guess I need to go shopping!