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Alana McGee

My analogy of my relationship with Speed and Monza goes like this. If I was to land an airplane and Speed was my co-pilot and we needed to figure out which button was for the landing gear I would be confident in asking him to figure out which button and say “dude, go ahead and push that button. I have no idea what to do.”

With Monza, she’d figure out if she pushed a button, that it lit up and “WOW, let’s just push all the buttons, because they light up and that’s cool, who cares about landing gear, I’m a water dog, I love to swim…wow can we land this thing in water and go swimming?”….and I’d be totally panicked…..LOL

In other words Monza knows how to push my buttons. In the one truffle hunt we did 2 years ago (with little training and she was very young), I trusted her and she drug me off to some deer ribs. She was so proud, as if to say “OHH you think Truffles are cool? Check. This. Out. DEER RIBS!! They’re sooo much tastier AND you can roll on them.”

I remind myself that she’s only 3 and Speed is 8 1/2.

[u][b]Thank you so much[/b][/u] for the feedback and I will play some indoor games with her and have fun. And I will share with my assistant. I think he’ll be more engaged.