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Alana McGee

Ah…the the UNKNOWN! It gets all of us. Not to worry. You handled this just fine. For future, go ahead and manufacture a success as soon as you feel any uncertainty. She can sense your change in confidence and she needs your trust right now. Often, in hidsight (or in watching video), we see that the dogs were doing just fine 😉

Your plan for the remainder of the week sounds good but before you do those sessions, set up some easy scenarios that can serve as a confidence bump and build a little value back up for the game. It’s ok to set up in the house and just do some hides for fun. In fact we often recommend that people do more of it! We would recommend only one slightly buried to begin with.

GOOD for Monza for finding your target!!! That is a great and actually it happened at a perfect time! Gotta love it when that happens!

I looked back at some previous video and you usually use a harness with Monza. Any particular reason she was on a collar today?