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first time out in the rain. the rain starts off light and isn’t too bad. this is our first try of the day. apparent failed proofing. flag/odor fail. and then she walks around/by the truffle sooo many times. is this when i should drop another truffle out of my pocket? the good news: she keeps trying for much longer than the video shows.

this video begins about one minute into our second try and includes a very nice sequence of three finds. i am trying hard to let her lead.

it is raining harder and daisy is not into it. she is trying to hide under me. proly should have just quit.

she eventually finds a truffle and does not even alert.

and finally finds one and does alert.

and she’s done with this cold rain.

we go inside and find truffles in there, spoiled by the warm fire. she can search the whole (1200 sq ft) house.