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Alana McGee

[b]Assignment[/b]: minimal visual identification, outside.
[b]Location[/b]: ?enchanted meadow? by raised beds . Flat, thick grass, surrounded by forsythia.
[b]Hides[/b]: Exact same spots as Speed since it was so wet. Three in wet grass with a few wet leaves over the top. Hide 1 was close to some wild green onions. I was a little concerned they might be too smelly. Hide 2 is in thicker/taller grass. Hide 3 is right in front of a forsythia branch. She worked after Speed.
[b]Conditions[/b]: Wet! Low 60s, no wind, muggy.
[b]Goal[/b]: start fading 1st cookie.

[b]Equipment[/b]: I used the long line since some rabbits sometimes inhabit the forsythia and I wasn?t confident Monza would stay on task. She did very well and may have not needed the long line. I don?t mind using the line and I believe we?re far enough along with tracking that she understands the difference. I?ll use it for safety periodically but prefer her to work free.

I think I faded the cookie correctly, but look forward to your critique. She was very efficient and worked well on Hide 1.

00:59-1:11 Alerting on Hide 3 by forsythia. She alerts by nose touching branches. She?s saying ?I think there?s one here, I need some help.? I?m a little late helping my buddy, but after watching this a few times, this is likely how things will play out. I pulled the branch back and then she does a really nice alert right at source. Too bad I didn?t have the GoPro on for that one. I spent a little time admiring the truffle with her and could have been a little more excited, but in the back of my head I was already thinking about what happened, did I handle that well?

Hide 2 ? beginning at 2:12-2:17: she starts to look a little frustrated, but then beginning at 2:18 she does some interesting head casting (for lack of a better way to describe it, it?s not full body casting, her nose just keeps dabbing side to side in the slightly taller grass). I interpret this as having hit the scent cone and she?s working in to the source. If I?m reading this correctly, this is sooo cool. She seems to have really honed in on a skill. So I?m not sure she was frustrated or if it?s excitement as if to say ?ooooohhh there?s one close!? and then the head casting is as if she?s saying ?yep, uhhuh, yep, yep, I?m close.? And then a very, very confident down at source. But I may be complete wrong about all of this and look forward to your critique on her work.

I?ll do blind hides on Monday or Tuesday.