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Alana McGee

We did a couple more box sessions on Monday. Last night we did minimal visual identification, outside. Only 1 session with 3 hides; it was practically dark. It went well.

This morning we did 3 hides in same area and then 3 hides in front yard. The video is of the 3 hides in the back and the last hide out front. It went very well too!

Out back Hide 1 is in grass with a few leaves on top. Hide 2 at the base of moss with a few leaves on top. Hide 3 is in gravel with a few leaves on top. Out front, all 3 were in grass with a few leaves on top.

I think she does better without the boxes. She has to focus more instead of ?I?ll check out the area and then go look at the boxes.? The backyard vegetation is more mixed, it?s more damp and has more moss. She worked the area for ~30 seconds before honing in on Hide 1 (that part is removed from video). I was proud that she didn?t give any indication/think twice about departing to go frog hunting in the water feature or departing for the house 2 doors down where her dog friends live?and cats. I didn’t use long line when we went out front.

I practiced scratching around the box, delaying reward a little bit after initial reward. I still don?t have the final behavior chain clear in my head: dog alerts, I mark, move in, treat?, dig, ask ?show me?, keep digging, finf truffle, and then party. I?m sure the lectures will cover that in the coming weeks.

Out front she walked straight out the front door and went directly to a hide without checking the area. She worked off leash. I was a little concerned she would look for what Sandra calls ?Kitty Truffles?! We have that rare species of truffle too.

You?ll have to read Speed?s post for an explanation of the James Brown reference. She likes the James Brown voice and it brought out persistence too. I?m not sure I can do that voice in front of an orchard owner?.or maybe I can if we?re successful, who cares what I sound like.

We?ll head off to the ?enchanted meadow? for more hides in grass on Sunday. And I?ll try to do a blind hide in one of the areas we used today on Sunday. We?ll have no trouble varying weather conditions ? it?s 50-80% chance of rain for several days.

Thanks Alana and Kristin!