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Alana McGee

I totally agree with Kristin’s comments. She’s spot on. I recall worrying a little bit about choosing this location because new neighbor’s moved in next door while I was on vacation. I had a cold, felt badly about not going to meet them, a little concerned that their kids might come bolting over to see what I was doing. so Monza was probably thinking “what’s up with Lois?” I’ve been really worried about her drive/motivation when we go outside to hunt.

I will do the exercise that Kristin suggested in her voice-over comments on Monday when we work outside again. We track tomorrow morning.

Here’s our baseline indoor multiple hides – 3 hides in the bedroom and 1 in the adjoining bathroom. This is the 1st time I used our bedroom/bathroom. We have 15+year old carpet that will be replaced this next year. It looks a lot worse on video and makes me want to replace it tomorrow, but we need to paint too.

I used the GoPro again. Let me know if it’s annoying. It will be less grainy outside, but if you need to see ME as well, I can set up the tripod.

Overall I think it went well. I worked on only saying “find it” and not ‘show me’. I look forward to going back outside!