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Alana McGee

Your plan for Monza is great! Nice planning and thinking ahead about building value for this game!

Long video so take notes 😉
I made a couple of observations about your working dynamic with Monza in this environment. Monza is very sensitive to your energy and the connection between you so you will need to be very aware of the non-verbal communication you are having with her. She senses hesitation on your part and mirrors it. The training for this phase is as much about you as it is Monza so, yes, take your time and progress slowly so you are progressing TOGETHER. I explain more in the analysis.

Really nice work! Now comes some of the hard stuff. The relationship dynamic is often the most challenging aspect of hunting for truffles as a team and staying connected. It is no longer a behavior/ reward relationship. Truffle hunting and training is now going to be heavily focused on working in partnership, reading each other and responding to each other’s needs. Listen to her and trust your gut feelings. The rest will evolve as you gain more experience. You are going to be a lovely truffle dog team together!!!!