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Alana McGee

That?s great she found all 4 in the first run.

It may not be the Q-tips. Take the wind and other environmental factors into account too when thinking about why. Glad you decided not to push it too much tho. The odor really shouldn?t dissipate that fast, but for whatever reason perhaps was being blown away. It?s possible it dissipated, but just look at other factors too.

So, leading away off odor.

We talk about this more in either for you 201 or FE530. In general, use your discretion in terms of size of area outside of where you are searching, but err on the side of less! If she?s 10 feet out of the zone you want, coax her back in and remain stationary (thus she can?t move more because she?s on leash) and reorient your body the way you want her to go and see if that helps re-engage her where you want.

You do NOT want it to be a pulling of any kind, just an oppositional reflex. She should, with coaxing as well, be relatively responsive to this. IF she herself has a strong opposition reflex (aka pulling back) after your initial stop after about 3 seconds, coax her but also lower you body posture closer to the ground (ideally at an angle to her/ facing the truffle hides) with loose shoulders and presence. It?s a more inviting posture to dogs and so you may be able to draw her back that way as well.

Try that, or set up a camera when you are practicing it if possible so we can see what it looks like and advise further on it.