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yes. 10.14.7, 8, and 9 were in sequence on a multiple hide. here is another multiple hide from yesterday. 10 minutes of cooking:

in this first one she has beat me out the door (i was grabbing the camera) and is already all over the truffle when i get there.

she is obviously doing a great job of following my scent. i will proof more next time.

so much for keeping the area small. in this one i have placed the flag at a decoy hole, which she checks first. i will try ditching the flags and remembering which trees i’m hiding under. alternatively, i will mark the trees well above the ground.

lots of opuntia to dodge…

today i had my wife hide the truffles and i am planning on letting them cook for several hours. of course, now i am afraid to let her outside because she will probably go find them without me.

how is setting up the 201 course going? we are anxiously awaiting a winter vacation to a real truffle spot!