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Alana McGee

Pecan truffles:
I was curious so I just went and asked everyone in the house what they thought of the Pecan truffles after making them whiff a batch. It?s one of the harder truffles to describe in odor (for me anyway- and everyone else too it seemed)

Asagio was not one of the things anyone had come to mind (I asked them before and after in regards to that as a suggestion), and I don?t perceive that as an aroma, but I can see how you may get that. I don?t have many other good descriptors. Parmesan rind, and by association Asagio I can understand. They odor is distinct, and pleasant, but we couldn?t classify it well. It seemed to rest in that void between cheesy and nutty. One person said meat. (just generic meat- I don?t get that either). It is a hard one to describe. They are much milder than their European or Oregon cousins.

10.14.10: Daisy has a fabulous search style. This is a large area to search and she does an awesome job. Very focused. Really nice alert sequence and reward sequence from you. Really nice.

Excited to see you do multiples. I know you have done multiple successive hides indoors- you haven?t done that outdoors yet have you? Just remember when you start with that to not make the search area too massive to start with. I am sure she could handle it, but we want to set her up for easy success when you are transitioning to a new skill in a new environment.

Really well done!

10.14.11 I like how she checks the pumpkin first 🙂 you do a good job when she is about to question you about coming down the stairs- as that engages her outwards and keeps her moving in the searching behavior. Nice boxes for debris. Really well set up chris. This was a very good scenario with lots of things going on. well done.

Another great search Chris. You?re making it look easy! nicely done on getting down with her and engaging close to the ground. I know we can?t see your body in these shots, but we can tell your engagement level and it looks really good from this vantage point. 0:50 is great 🙂 She likes the game. And cheese.

We are excited to see you both work on multiple hides and then progress to buried hides in this area. Again remember the principle about buried hides and just try to set yourself up for success.

It looks really good Chris. Really nice engagement, energy level, connectivity, reward sequences, etc. Way to go. Again, said it before, but fun to watch.