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first three here is her first hunt of the day. super high energy. video does not show much of her search but she usually finds it right away. i will continue to challenge her. high value treats also evoke this super high energy. can treats ever be too high value?:

she found it and i didn’t have any treats with me.:

in this one she finds the truffle after she has passed it about five times (not all the passes are in the video).:

7, 8, 9 here are a multiple hide outside. the first one we are both having trouble pinpointing the truffle, but she persisted at the source and we found it.:

here she gives a little point before pawing:

here she finds it but i help her pinpoint it a little.

i have seen a few times now where the scent column turns her whole body around. so that’s good.

a few other times i have seen her go straight to the target, look up at me, walk away from it and then come back to it and alert after an encouraging find it command. its like she is testing me to see what is the least she can do to get the treat.

she is very paw-happy. she bats everything with her paws. i think that is her main alert. every morning for our first greeting she puts her paw over my arm while i’m petting her.

and her toes are webbed! i love this dog. what a good girl!