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what that looks like is just “this is taking too long. i’m going to go eat some horse poop or a deer leg or take a nap.” she has different energy levels – high, medium, low. its simply a downgrading of energy level when prep is taking too long. i’m doing the easy kitchen games while prepping and that is great. she could go all day. i wish i had all day to give her. high value treats seem to keep her energy insanely high as well.

can i ditch the clicker? it seems obsolete at this point. i get the vibe that daisy thinks it is obsolete. i don’t see it in your videos much. its much easier to film without it.

can you elaborate on the retrieving techniques you mentioned the italian trainers will use? daisy really enjoys bringing me the truffle and has handed me targets several times when training. i think this could be beneficial. she loves retrieving.

more film coming soon.

can you go through what an actual hunt generally goes like? how much time spent and how to handle the dog and treats and truffles? how do you carry truffles through the woods? i’ve seen some internet videos and just wondering what your real hunt looks like. what’s the goal here?

one of the things i really want to train her away from is over excitement when meeting new people/strangers/dogs. how much of this is trainable? how much will she grow out of? when we are in a busy public space or there are many people/dogs she is very calm or panting/wanting her den. when someone is new one-on-one or in private she can get very excited and bark at them and/or jump up on them. traci seems to just ignore this as puppy behavior. do you have a technique for staging a houseguest/door knock scenario? our last big dog was the worst at jumping on people and our second to last big dog was the worst at charging and barking at people, especially on the beach. we are trying to avoid these behaviors. what does it take to get a dog so on a mission and un-distracted as the dog in this video? also, is this video for reals?: