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ok. so we’ve done a lot more of these. she does do better with five or fewer targets, articles clothing as hiding tools. should i be sticking with 3 boxes? i think part of her stress is practicing “stay” command between finds. i will eliminate that by just tying her up while hiding the truffle. i will also work in a quieter space for now and try to use the leash.

i will reduce verbal find it. you mean when she looks at me she is unsure of what behavior? i guess that is why i started getting so verbal. also it is the command to move her off the stay.

we always begin and end with clicker conditioning and then nose touches (which are still open mouthed). playing with her is too mouthy. i will try a stuffed toy. its just a lot to carry/have ready.

my reward sequences are all super long. the last videos cut most of them off.

so i need to know more about “building value.” do you mean for longer periods of time? my sessions are still very short.

as she gets bigger, she needs more socialization training. tips for this? please check in about what my 4-5 sessions per day should look like. that is always very helpful. thank you