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awesome! though (re: first two sentences of #2797) i never said she was getting worse at anything and i don’t know who “cricket” is!

today we added more boxes (punctured egg cartons) and random pieces of clothing. daisy is doing awesome. i use the time it takes to re-hide the target to practice the “stay” command. you know when she is going to “stay” because her whole body freezes on command. is it o.k. that she sees me hiding/arranging the boxes, or should i put her out of the room?

how may i shape an alert? wait for one before clicking? for instance, i am still inclined to click as soon as she sniffs the correct box, but if i wait another second or two she will usually paw it. we have been staying at the target to open the box and to relish in the finding of the truffle. it’s going good. she enjoys it. i will try and get more video by the weekend.