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Alana McGee


Your videos (Now that I have watched them I see examples of what you are talking about with the slapping of boxes. She isn?t alerting on them per say, but if she stays at one, indulge her, show her there is nothing there, put it back, and move one):

In your 3rd video is a good example of having her re-alert. She tapped the flower pot, you clicked, she moved on. That?s ok. You helped her re focus back on the correct pot. Your body language in that scenario steered her back to the second flower pot. That is ok too- we are still looking to make solid connection on odor when choices are involved na dyou handled that situation including the rewarding very nicely.

You are essentially doing what I just described in my last post.

The 4th Video is GREAT! she is getting the hang of having choices. Very nice. I like how she is alerting and looking for reward, then when you cue her back to re-alert.

When she is on leash in the other scenarios, it is ok to stay at the source and reward for a bit longer, you don?t need to leave right away. We like that she is interested in staying at source. You do a pretty good job of luring her away. after you reward in the scenarios, try to lure away with food if she is trying to remain engaged at the odor source. We want to avoid physically pulling her off odor. Good though. and Good reengaging and bringing her back through the line of possible targets to solidify behaviors.

If she continues to play/ slap the containers, try also changing the containers you are using, but also, do indulge her. She will realize that that behavior does not get her rewards she is seeking.

You guys are doing well.

As that starts to feel comfortable, if you can, start to enlarge the area, change the configuration and add more distractions like you see in the videos I posted above. Start by just adding one or two things at a time to the environment and see how she does with that. Considering she is still such a young pup, she is doing a fantastic job on focusing with distractions.