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Alana McGee

Here is a video (We have permission to share) that demonstrates the opening of the target box to ‘practice digging’ for the truffles. You do not need to have fake ‘tools’ with you. We actually suggested the handler ceased doing this (with the tools) for the time being as it was distracting to the dog, Monza. Do notice how Monza’s handler gets down low to inspect the box and rewards again when Monza offers an alert inside the container. That is ideally the kind of scenario we are looking for.

Also notice how long the reward sequence is. You & Daisy will be building to that as well. An elongated reward sequence can be key to keeping a dog at source later when you are attempting to extract the truffle from the ground.

You and Daisy do not need to look exactly like this, or be as vocal, but it may give you some perspective.

This scenario is slightly more advanced than where you and Daisy are at, but this is what we are building to.

The second video, is the same team later in the week without the box of tools- again, more examples for you to look at.