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she was nosing the target up on chairs and generally doing very well with scent imprinting so i have moved on to simple box hides. i am using planter pots, sometimes upside down, sometimes right side up, three at a time with the target in one.

daisy is not stoked on the leash indoors. maybe if it was a bigger room like on the video. she generally attacks all boxes looking for the target, so we’re working on it. she mostly uses her paws for this and batting the target once she has found it. she is not as interested in the zukes anymore. i think i need to switch flavors or just keep changing up the treats to keep them high value.

she has been eating more kibble lately and getting bigger.

i received today a frozen (white? the outside is brown) truffle from an oregon christmas tree farm that came here via the telluride mushroom festival and a friend. it smells strongly like a truffle. how should i handle this/use it in training? can it only be used a few times? how do frozen truffles work?