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i’ll try and get some video today. she’s ignoring the click because she’s batting the target around and can’t hardly hear it. if i keep my hand on it or go to pick it up she will mouth my hand, which i don’t want. at one point we were playing fetch with the target, her getting a treat when the target returns to my hand. i’m not sure how well the scent is being imprinted. right now it seems that things are so elementary that they are ineffective. like, everything is play, so who cares what it smells like.

i always start a session with a sit, down, touch, speak, silent. you said to mix up commands and sessions so that we don’t do the same session more than twice in a day. can you give me another run down of what my 5-9 daily sessions should look like as we progress?

i have never been instructed on how to handle the truffle oil and target containers. do i wash after each session? can i reuse a scented target with a few fresh drops of oil? how many drops of oil?

we have been doing some fetching which has been great. what do i do when she does not perform a desired behavior like bringing the toy or staying, if reset and retry does not work? end the session?