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oh, please! just one more reply before monday!

so, i moved on to lesson 2. is “charge the marker” different from lesson one marker conditioning?

getting into scent imprinting. my tupperwares needed some cleaning/sterilization after i realized they smell strongly of whatever cherry detergent the manufacturer used to last clean them. looking for tea balls.

daisy knows i want her to “get” the target, but she mostly paws/kicks it around. i try to click when she noses it, but half the time she ignores the click, and i end up clicking several times before she looks up for her treat. is this why i need to charge the clicker? half the time she gets her treat and goes back to wacking the target around and quickly looking up for her treat. may i use a stationary target? truffles are stationary, after all.

speak/silence – can you recommend when to do the “silence” command and when exactly to click? before or after the “speak” command? the video sort of skims over this. it probably doesn’t matter which order the commands are in, but do you only click and treat for the second command?

also wondering how to improve “stay,” as she only stays about half the time. traci taught us to stay then release with “come,” but she has been anticipating the release and coming prematurely. i thought i would try stay command, then walk away, then come back to her. this feels good but the click is a little awkward. should i just not use the clicker when the correct behavior lasts longer than a moment?