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Alana McGee

Hi Chris

?(5-9) short (3-10 min) sessions every day.?
This is fabulous! Good work!

As for feeding/ going to bed rituals: It is going to be specific to every situation and each dynamic and your schedule, and Daisy?s personality. From a distance with limited information it is difficult to recommend suggestions without going into many other facets of your daily routine. We would recommend you discuss this with your local trainer, or we can suggest a trainer who would be willing to discuss this and more with you as distance learning and they can explore facets of your schedule and dynamic with Daisy in this regard to aid in everyday establishment of routines.

Personally, I have 4 dogs. They are all fed at the same time but in different areas and when they are finished eating, the food (if any is remaining) is removed.

There are many different modes of thought on feeding regimes, and no particular one is right. It is what works best for you and your pup! Because we have 4 dogs (one of which is a glutton, and one who barely eats) we do not free feed. But for puppies, as they are growing, it can be fine.

Controlling access to food an water intake can also alter potty training habits, so that is something to take into consideration, depending how she is doing on that front. Hence, this is where a trainer specifically aware of all of these modalities of your environment and situation can advise you.

As for uploading: We use Vimeo with great success, but as with all web based hosting it is related with internet upload speeds, but we find it better than Youtube with more control on privacy as well.

Your supplies look great! Love the boxes, and the Zuke?s will be good. Remember when doing truffle related activities- especially later when it gets a bit more advanced we want the value of the rewards to be really high. She should LOVE to get the treats from truffle hunting more than anything else (but she seems fairly excited by all treats right now!)

One thing to keep in mind if we haven?t mentioned it: In terms of harness, you will want a different harness (as in different style of fit eventually) than one you may use for loose leash walking or training. Different tools for different tasks (the dogs will draw different associations from different gear), but waiting until she is full grown in size to invest in one may be prudent. We have tested many models on different dogs, and again, it is what feels right for you, but we can offer suggestions, including the Canine Julius Harness is one we recommend folks check out. Dogs are allowed to pull/ lead when truffle hunting (if on leash) and we don?t want her to associate it with heeling/ loose leash walking.

The Second video: That was a very nice stay and excited come. Good work. She looks a very happy pup 🙂 Those are very good stays and impulse control for such a young pup, all throughout the video.

Great job on your clicker mechanics as well. You have timing down really well with your touching. At 1:18 I love that exuberant flop into a down. She loves interacting with you in this manner. It is fun to watch, and you are doing a good job!