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Alana McGee

Hi Chris.

Glad the solution is there. We apologize that it arrived in that state. If the volume is low on the vial (send us a photo) we can resend you one. It shouldn’t have leaked during shipping because they are sealed, but things happen.

The odor solution need not smell strong to humans. It has been formulated to be used for training (it is routinely tested), and has plenty of volatiles of the desired species to be used for training.

Keeping it as you have in the fridge in a bag is ideal. It should remain stable at room temperature (avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat), but keeping it refrigerated will prolong volatile breakdown.

As for the open mouth touches. That is okay. I wouldn?t worry about it just yet. If she developed a tendency to put the target in her mouth you can click and and mark the moment right as she touches it (you can start preemptively marking when she is just about to) But let?s not worry about that unless it manifests.