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thank you. i will be posting video of more sit stay touch and recall, and also a video of all my supplies by tomorrow night.

the truffle oil arrived. it was well coated all over the inside of the baggie. i opened the bottle for a whiff and the smell is very faint. i can hardly tell it’s more than just oil. how should i store it?it’s in it’s baggie in the fridge right now.

as for treats – i want a certain size and to not have to prepare (cut) it. also want it to be moist but clean so i don’t need a plastic liner in my treat bag or to have to worry about it sitting in the treat bag over night at room temp. cheese and hot dogs are fine, but require preparation and refrigeration. i want to grab a handful and go. the zukes minis are great and higher value to her than cheese, but expensive. i am looking at becoming a distributor. having the treat bag ready at all times is worth the extra expense to me.