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Alana McGee

Hi Chris.

The two person recall game is a great one for puppies as well as adult dogs. Be clear in what you are clicking/ marking for. I recommend marking when Daisy reorients to the person calling her. Try to adjust your timing for that moment. I wasn’t able to see Daisy when you clicked but your camera person was clicking for movement toward her. Daisy has a strong understanding of the the click and knows it is followed by a reward so your recalls will become quicker if the click happens as soon as Daisy reorients to the person calling her. If the treats are high value, she will want to get there fast!

You are doing great with the clicker timing. I’m sure you realized there was one (maybe two) times you asked for “touch” and she gave a “shake”. You clicked. No harm done. Just be careful not to mix them up so the criteria is crystal clear for Daisy. But, for the purposes of us seeing your clicker mechanics, this was good. Your treat delivery is fine. A pause can be beneficial between the click and the treat as our colleague Ruth LaRocque demonstrates in this video.

Truffle Dog Company Presents: Introduction to Clicker Training with Ruth LaRocque from Truffle Dog Company on Vimeo.